Not Just Clowning Around

Heroes of the Rodeo



Mac was sitting at the old kitchen table, in the house his great-grandfather had built in the 1800’s. It was still the core of the house but had been added on to in each generation after. His grandfather added the large kitchen for his new bride, and his dad had added the large family room for his. As Mac sipped his coffee and watched Matilda cook breakfast he was thinking about the wing he had just finished on the west side of the house.The wing had three floors with seven new bedrooms and adjoining baths, the third floor was a family suite that he now occupied. The problem was he didn’t have a bride to share it with. If he was honest with himself, he was also lonely.

He smiled to himself when he thought about the suite he had built and who he had built it for, Alyson Marie Yates. Allie was the one who got away, and to this day he couldn’t get her off his heart. He had tried, he had dated a lot of women over the years, but none made his heart jump like Allie did.

He sighed as he thought about her and looked back to the paper he was reading. Alvord, Texas was a small town between Fort Worth and Wichita Falls, in Wise County. The Alvord Rambler only came out once a week and for the most part read like the Farmer’s Almanac and the Ladies Home Journal. So, he was speechless when he saw Allie’s name on the front page.

“Well I’ll be damned.” He muttered to himself.

“What’s up big brother?” Patty walked in the back door to stand behind him and gave him a hug.  Patty was a senior at Alvord High School and the last of his siblings to graduate from high school.


He covered the paper, looked up at her. She had been out in the barn mucking stalls. He reached up to pull hay from her flaming red hair, “Morning Half Pint. Do you remember Alyson Yates?”

She moved to the counter to pour a cup of coffee, “Yeah, I remember you were sweet on her.”

Yeah, I’m not going there with my little sister. “Well it would appear she is now a rodeo celebrity.”

Patty sat across from him, “What’d she do?”

“Well it says here,” I then uncovered the paper, “that she broke the World Barrel Racing Record at the Las Vegas National Finals last week.”  He smiled at Patty, “Something for you to work for.”

“Yeah if I was still barrel riding. What’d she set it at?”

Mac smiled to himself, his little sister was a competitor, but she hadn’t ridden barrels all year, he thought she just needed a goal. “15.64325 seconds, almost two seconds faster than the last one.”

“Wow, that is fast, my personal best is 16.9367. It must be that big Nokota stallion she rides.”  She stood and put her cup in the sink, “I need to get cleaned up for school.”  She walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek, “I need to talk to you about Christmas break when I get home, will you be available then?”

I reached for her hand and smiled, “I’m always available for my family, I’ll be in the office just come see me.”


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