I was wheeling Al to the front door when Marshal Anderson stopped me, “Wait here sir, my partner will be here with the truck soon.”

I stopped and kissed the top of her head, “So, is there someone at the penthouse as well?”

“Yes, sir. There’ll be two in the lobby, one at the garage elevator, one in the penthouse hall, and me inside the penthouse,” He held up his finger to his ear.

Alpha at ready.

“Roger that.”

“The truck is pulling up now sir. If you’ll roll Miss Yates out, we’ll get her in while you get in the other side.”

“Marshal Anderson,” I waited for him to turn back to me, “I won’t get in the truck until Al’s in safe first.

He nodded his understanding to me as he turned to move to the door, gun at his side.

“Al, I’m going to carry you to the truck,” I moved around in front of the chair and helped her stand. I lifted her into my arms, and she wrapped her arms around my neck, “When I set you in the truck move to the middle until I get in.”

She kissed my chin.

Marshal Anderson walked in front of us out the door to a black Ford F350 4×4.  It almost made me jealous. He opened the back door, and I lifted Al inside and climbed up after her. When the door was closed, Marshal Anderson climbed in the front passenger’s side.”

I pulled Al into my lap and buckled us in, “We’re good back here.”

It was a short ride from the hospital to the hotel.

“Mr. Ross, Miss Yates, we’ve secured the hotel. We’ve also closed the parking garage and found parking for the guests in another location.”

I sighed, “Was that really necessary?” I held Al tighter, “The penthouse would have been secure enough.”

“Maybe, but Ranger Clark isn’t taking any chances after the nurse at the hospital.”

The driver, Marshal Martinez, spoke as we took the turn into the garage, “I’ll be in the garage to watch the elevator. It’ll be locked to the garage level one.” He opened his window and spoke to the man standing at the entrance, “Mr. Ross and Miss Yates will be in the penthouse, no one comes into the garage.”

“Yes sir, understood,” He raised the gate, and we drove in as the gate closed behind us. He rounded the corner and stopped the truck in front of the elevator doors.

I released our seat belt but didn’t open the door. I waited for Marshal Anderson to do that. The door opened, and I turned to step out with Al in my arms. Marshal Martinez had the elevator door open.

“Please follow me, Mr. Ross,” Marshal Anderson said.

Marshal Anderson moved in front of the door as we reached the penthouse, “Sir if you’ll stay behind me as the door opens. My partner should be on the other side, but if not take cover to the side, please.”

Al shivered in my arms. I brought her close and kissed her cheek, “It’ll be okay, sweetheart.”

The door opened, and Marshal Anderson sighed. There was indeed a Marshal on the other side, “Mr. Ross, Miss Yates, this is my partner, Marshal Anderson.”

I followed him out of the elevator, “Anderson, same as you?”

“Yes, my brother Mark, I’m Mike. We’ve always worked together,” He turned to look at me, “I trust my brother with my back.”

“I understand, there’s no one I’d rather have at my back than family.”

Before I could give him my card key, he had the door open, “We’ve been in, Mr. Ross. We installed cameras outside and inside the suite, everywhere but the bedrooms and bathrooms. We have a joint command post set up in Mr. Yates suite.”

I walked to the big leather couch, sat Al down, pulled the blanket from the top, and covered her with it. I sat on the coffee table in front of the couch, “Okay, so what’s the plan? I can keep Al and myself amused for the next few days, but food will be a problem.” I sighed, “I assume you don’t trust the hotel cook staff. So, how’s that going to work?”

“We’ve made arrangements with Chef Paul Morgen to have your meals picked up three times a day,” He watched me, “You know him, right?”

I sighed, “I do, and I trust him. I just don’t want him in any danger.”

“We’re going to pick up from him at the hospital. So, he’ll never be in danger,” Marshal Mike replied.

“Okay,” I took Al’s hand and started rubbing her knuckles.

“I’ve set up an office in this bedroom,” Mike pointed to the one closest to the door and furthest from ours on the other side.

I just nodded in response, as I was already focused on Al, “What would you like, sweetheart?”

“I could really use a hot bubble bath,” She replied.

I moved the blanket and lifted her into my arms and walked to our suite, “Your wish is my every command.”


I sat her on the bed, “Don’t move.” I closed the curtains because I didn’t want a stray camera looking in. I walked into the bathroom, started the water running in the tub, and since she wanted bubbles; I didn’t turn the jets on. When it was half full, I poured in vanilla bubble bath and Epsom Salts to help with the pain. When it was full, I moved back into the bedroom.

I stopped at the door, just to take her in. She took my breath away and my body reacted to the sight of her. I moaned as my jeans suddenly became too tight. I walked to her, put my hands in her hair, and pulled her to my mouth. I ran my tongue over her lips. When she moaned, I took her mouth with my tongue. Hers met mine in a love dance as old as time. She put her fingers in my hair and we tried to meld our bodies into one.

I broke the kiss and rested my forehead on hers, “I’ve wanted that kiss since you opened your eyes yesterday.” I kissed her neck, then moved away.

I pulled her sweater up and over her head, then let it fall to the bed. My hands moved down her body until they found her perfectly round breasts.

I moaned, “So perfect.” I kissed one then the other, “I love these.”

“Mac,” She looked up at me, “I’m not perfect.”

I put my finger to her lips, “Who told you that?”

She looked down and wouldn’t meet my eyes. I moved my thumbs over her nipples and watched them harden at my touch. Then moved to her jeans; unsnapped the top button and pulled the zipper down. I ran my hands down her sides and pulled the jeans with me leaving her little lace panties on her hips. I sat her back down and pulled off her boots and removed the jeans.

I stayed knelt before her, “Who said you weren’t perfect?”

She took a deep breath before speaking, “Every guy I’ve ever been with, but you.” She sighed, “I know my breasts are too small and my hips too big.”

I smiled, “Al, sweetheart, your breasts are a perfect size.” I moved my hands to them again and covered them with my hands, “They fit in my hands just right. And when I suck on them, I get a mouth full of sweetness.”

I moved my hand down her sides and stopped at her hips, “Your hips are fine, your little round butt, and flat stomach are such temptations to my hands.” I looked up at her, “These hips,” I placed a kiss on each side, “will be perfect for delivering our sons and daughters into the world.”

As I stood up, I brought her up with me. Removed her panties, lifted her into my arms, and carried her to the bathroom, “My opinion of you is the only one that matters.”

I stood her in the tub of warm water and bubbles. As she sat down, I kissed her, “And I find you to be perfect in every way.”

When I pulled away, she frowned.

“Hey, why the frown?”

She put out her bottom lip in the sexiest pout I’ve ever seen, “It’s lonely in this huge tub all by myself.”

I smiled, “Is that my invitation to join you?”

She nodded yes.

“Your wish is my every command,” I popped the snaps on my shirt and let it drop to the floor, then my jeans followed.

“Move forward,” I stepped in behind her and sat with my legs around her. When she was settled and leaning against me, I wrapped her in my arms.

The longer we sat in the water, the more I felt her relax. We just laid quietly, until the water started to cool.

“Feeling better?”


“Okay, sit up. Let’s get dry, watch a movie, and eat popcorn like teenagers on the couch.”

I wrapped a towel around my waist, then helped Al step out. I wrapped her in a big fluffy towel and walked her to the bedroom. When she was dried off, I helped her into a big white cozy robe.

I was watching her as I pulled my jeans back on and smiling at the pout on her face.

“Later, sweetheart,” I kissed her, “I promise.”

She smiled up at me as we walked into the sitting room.


I left Al standing in front of the entertainment center to find a movie. While I went to the kitchenette to make the popcorn. I returned with a large bowl and two Dr. Peppers.

On the way to the couch, I stopped to talk to Marshal Mike, “Marshal, we’re going to be in the sitting room watching a movie.”

“Sure Mr. Ross, your dinner should be here in a few hours,” He replied.

I nodded and walked back to Al. I sat the popcorn and Dr. Peppers on the coffee table. Moved the big recliner over in front of the TV, because it would let me hold her, put the blanket in reach, then closed the curtains. I stood behind her as she looked at movies.

Underworld, Blade, or Van Helsing?” She asked holding up the movies.

I wrapped my arms around her, “Well I haven’t seen any of them. I think they belong to Anna. So, you pick the one you want me to start with; keep in mind that Dracula Untold was very good.” I kissed her neck.

She rolled her neck to the side for me and moaned, “How about Blade, he’s a vampire hunting his own.”

Blade it is then,” I took the movie from her hand. Inserted it into the DVD player. Picked up the room remote and moved us to the recliner. I sat then pulled her into my lap. I let her get comfortable before I put the blanket over us and reclined the chair.

She moaned as she tried to get settled, and not in a good way.

“Al,” I lifted her head so I could see her eyes, “Do you need a pain pill?”

“Maybe, but I don’t want to sleep.”

I smiled, “How ‘bout Tylenol?”

She nodded.

“I’ll be right back,” I settled her in the chair.

In the bathroom, I had everything needed for pain because you never know how a night at the rodeo might end.

“Okay sweetheart,” I opened her Dr. Pepper and handed her the pills, “take these.”

With her back in my lap, I turned out the lights. There was still light coming around the edges of the curtains, but it was dark enough. With popcorn in Al’s lap, I started the movie.

I was enjoying the movie, but more than that, I was enjoying holding Al in my arms with nothing to do but be with her. I moved my hand into the opening of her robe, so I had contact with her skin. We had missed so much time being apart over the years. I’d make it my life’s mission to be with her like this for the rest of my life.


Vampires; I was learning, have many different types of legends. There was the Dracula, who seems to be the first prototype. Blade seems a bit different in that he’s only half vampire. He can walk in the sunlight, so they call him a ‘day-walker.’ He uses weapons to kill his enemies, who are other vampires. The action was good and intense, also.

I watched the whole movie, but Al fell asleep halfway through. When it ended, I just turned it off and held her while she slept. I heard Marshal Mike’s radio go off. The clock read 5:30 pm.

“Roger that. I’ll come to the door.”

As he walked out of the room and turned to me, “Your food is here Mr. Ross.”

“Thanks, can you just have it put in the kitchenette. Al’s asleep, and I don’t want to wake her up,” I whispered.

“Will do, sir.” He opened the door with his gun at his side, “Please place the food there,” He pointed to the kitchenette, “Quietly.”

When the Marshal I didn’t know, had the food on the counter, he turned to the door, “Chef Morgen said he’d have breakfast ready at 5:30 am for pick up.”

“Roger that,” Marshal Mike turned to the door with the other Marshal, “I’ll be up to let you in.”

When the door was closed and locked, Marshal Mike went back into his room. I felt Al’s stomach rumble through my hand on her stomach.

I started running circles around her small little ab muscles. She was in great shape from all her barrel racing, “Sweetheart, the food’s here.”

She moaned and stretched, “Is the movie over?”

I smiled, “About 45 minutes ago. I like Blade. Are there more?”

She looked up at me, “You do?”

I kissed her lips, “Yeah, I do.”

“Yeah, there are three more, but I didn’t see them on the shelves,” She tried to sit up.

I lowered the chair so she could move, “I need a minute in the bathroom, but the food smells lovely.”

I helped her up, “Do you need help?”

“No, I got it. Thanks for asking,” She reached up and kissed my chin, then moved to the bedroom, slow but steady. So, I put the movie up and moved to the kitchenette.

Before Al came out of the bedroom, I had two plates of food on the table, with sweet iced tea to drink. I walked to the door and took her hand, “Dinner is served, my Lady.” I helped her sit, and we ate.

“So, what next?” Al asked.

I winked at her, “Well, I had an idea if you feel up to a little fun in bed.”

She smiled, and my heart melted into a puddle of mush, “I think I might like some fun in bed.”

I picked up our plates and put them in the small sink, then moved the leftover food to the mini-fridge. “Hey, we’re in our room for the night,” I called to Marshal Mike.

“Roger that, Mr. Ross. Good night,” He replied.

“There are leftovers in the mini-fridge if you and your brother would like some,” I said as I turned and walked to our room.

“Thank you, Mr. Ross.”

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