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Not Just Clowning Around

Chapter 30

By the time we wrote up the letter for Robert’s gift and made it back to the living room, everyone was waiting; even Randy and Jake. Continue reading “Chapter 30”

Chapter 29

I nodded and helped Al to her feet, “Sure, we can go to my office.” I took Al’s hand and led the way. Continue reading “Chapter 29”

Chapter 28

I woke up in a tiny white room. Laying on a much too small bed. I moaned as I tried to move. Continue reading “Chapter 28”

Chapter 27

The first shot missed Al by just inches, the next one got my shoulder. I dropped us both to the ground and rolled over the top of Al. Continue reading “Chapter 27”

Chapter 26

I opened my eyes. Something was off. It took me a minute to focus and realize Al wasn’t in my bed. No, our bed. I looked at her pillow. There was a note. Continue reading “Chapter 26”

Chapter 25

We made love four times that night. I was so careful not to hurt her side. Going as far as letting her have control. That was so out of my normal comfort zone but took me to heights I hadn’t been to before. We fit together like a lock and key. Now she’s asleep in the crook of my arm and holding her close to my chest. Continue reading “Chapter 25”

Chapter 24

I was wheeling Al to the front door when Marshal Anderson stopped me, “Wait here sir, my partner will be here with the truck soon.” Continue reading “Chapter 24”

Chapter 23

I looked at the door. Al still on my chest, legs between mine. Randy stood waiting to come in, and I nodded. Continue reading “Chapter 23”

Chapter 22

Tuesday morning, I was holding Al’s hand, rubbing small circles over and around her knuckles. Continue reading “Chapter 22”

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