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Not Just Clowning Around

Chapter 24

I was wheeling Al to the front door when Marshal Anderson stopped me, “Wait here sir, my partner will be here with the truck soon.” Continue reading “Chapter 24”

Chapter 23

I looked at the door. Al still on my chest, legs between mine. Randy stood waiting to come in, and I nodded. Continue reading “Chapter 23”

Chapter 22

Tuesday morning, I was holding Al’s hand, rubbing small circles over and around her knuckles. Continue reading “Chapter 22”

Chapter 21

“Mr. Ross, I’m Ranger Clark,” he gave me his hand, which I shook, “and this is Ranger Gibson. I just happened to be at the rodeo Friday night. So, I was given your case.” Continue reading “Chapter 21”

Chapter 20

Man, time flies when you’re having fun. I turned my head to see the clock, 8:30 a.m. Continue reading “Chapter 20”

Chapter 19

We walked to the counter of Jared’s. A young lady behind the counter looked up and smiled, “Good afternoon, may I help you?” Continue reading “Chapter 19”

Chapter 18

She was now asleep on my chest, my legs holding hers. Continue reading “Chapter 18”

Chapter 17

I took care of the contracts that needed my attention right now and moved the others to February. Continue reading “Chapter 17”

Chapter 16

We were walking down the old boardwalk hand in hand. Continue reading “Chapter 16”

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