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Not Just Clowning Around

Chapter 10

Look at her, look at her! Was she serious? If I looked at her I was going to touch her, smell her, and taste her. Then I would just become a babbling fool with mush for brains. Continue reading “Chapter 10”

Chapter 9

The Rusty Nail was busy for a Monday night. Continue reading “Chapter 9”

Chapter 8

I was really starting to feel paranoid. Continue reading “Chapter 8”

Chapter 7

Just a few weeks until Christmas and I’d done no shopping at all. Continue reading “Chapter 7”

Chapter 6

Angus and I spent most of Monday and Tuesday bringing down Christmas boxes from the attic for Half Pint and Matilda. Continue reading “Chapter 6”

Chapter 5

The crowd was about half the size of a normal Friday, but not bad for the first week of December. Continue reading “Chapter 5”

Chapter 4

I almost tried to climb under the bleachers when the MC announced that Mac Ross was the EMT -Clown for the night. Continue reading “Chapter 4”

Chapter 3

I’ve been back in town less than 5 days and already I’m antsy to move on. Continue reading “Chapter 3”

Chapter 2

We pulled into the stockyards at 4:15. I was an EMT/Clown, so I had a permanent parking place for my rig, but Half Pint would need to register her and Paint, so I left her in the front and I parked in the back. Continue reading “Chapter 2”

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