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Not Just Clowning Around

Chapter 16

We were walking down the old boardwalk hand in hand. Continue reading “Chapter 16”

Chapter 15

Mac took me to Joe’s Soda Shop and Diner.   Continue reading “Chapter 15”

Chapter 14

When we got to the barn corral, Half Pint was riding Paint around the barrels we had set up. We watched as she worked with Paint. Continue reading “Chapter 14”

Chapter 13

Before falling asleep holding Al. Continue reading “Chapter 13”

Chapter 12

I woke up in a strange room. The last thing I remembered Continue reading “Chapter 12”

Chapter 11

In no time, there was a knock at the door, “Come on in,” I called as I held Al close. Continue reading “Chapter 11”

Chapter 10

Look at her, look at her! Was she serious? If I looked at her I was going to touch her, smell her, and taste her. Then I would just become a babbling fool with mush for brains. Continue reading “Chapter 10”

Chapter 9

The Rusty Nail was busy for a Monday night. Continue reading “Chapter 9”

Chapter 8

I was really starting to feel paranoid. Continue reading “Chapter 8”

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